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Welcome to Cosmik Electronics

We are located in the City of Glendale California. One of the first branches to form a revolutionary new and initiated idea of the company Cosmik Electronics . Our commitment has personal experiences as the founders of this concept and our objective is to fulfill one of the most important tasks we have, which is to serve the public with new and guarantee products. We do our best to give out our best prices on all our merchandize. Fill free to (Check out our shops available in the section of Stores).




Our first service: Order and Pick up your product in Store.
The sales concept was created in order for one to purchase items by phone from our online products, making it easier to shop while in various places. Our customers should confirm which products they are interested in and verify if we still have them in stock. In this form of procedure one could choose when they could pick up their order.
The second service consists in: To make deliveries to your Home.
This is the most typical system that many of our customers are fascinated about.  The comfort of knowing that one is going to receive the order directly to where you want it to be delivered. (Check the cost of delivery by calling the phone of this branch which is the one that offers this service directly.)





Like other electronic stores we offer promotions in some of our different products in which the deals are not repeated for a whole year. The offers are located in our internal sections depending on each branch office and products that our customers are interested in. To view at a similar concept look in the section above of our menu.


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Audio Systems
Automobile Accessories
Dj Equipment
Equipment for Musicians


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